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More on a Good News Story

In the Spring 17 edition of the De Groot Technical Services Newsletter is an article under the heading of 'A Good News Story" relating to the dramatic increase in food production and the impressive trend in improving world health. 

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Introducing De Groot Technical Services

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Introducing De Groot Technical Services


Fines for Contaminated Hervbicide

The APVMA has fined a national chemical manufacturer / formulator a total of $100,000 for the supply of contaminated herbicides. The herbicides contained additional chemical actives other than those listed in the registered formulation.

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Annual Return of Actives

A reminder that the annual return of active constituents imported, manufactured and exported for the 16-17 financial year is required to be lodged with the APVMA by 30 September. As well there there is a requirement to retain this information for 6 years.

The data is required for approved active constituent on its own and as active constituent in registered products.

The APVMA does have an online reporting system via the APVMA portal.

For companies that utilise a nominated agent in Australia, the nominated agent can undertake this reporting on their behalf.

The team at De Groot Technical Services and Australian Nonimated Agent are able assist in this reporting requirement.


APVMA Assessment Performance

The serious impact of the relocation of the APVMA from Canberra to Armidale continues to be highlighted across the agricultural chemical and veterinary medicine industry sectors.

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Glyphosate Safe to Use

Following a IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) report which listed glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans" the APVMA have completed an extensive risk assessment of the chemicals safety. The APVMA assessment has concluded that the use of glyphosate in Australia when used in accordance with the label directions, does not pose a cancer risk.


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APVMA Detains Unregistered Product


The importance of adherence to the registered particulars and conditions of registration have recently been dramatically demonstrated by actions taken by the APVMA in detaining around 40 tonnes of glyphosate and trifluralin. Under the Agvet Code if products are found not to comply with the APVMA Register (for Chemical Products) then they are deemed not registered. 

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Changes in Use of Confidential Commercial Information

The APVMA have relaxed the requirements for registration of generic products around use of Confidential Commercial Information. 

Read more: Changes in Use of Confidential Commercial Information


Getting it Right First Time

Getting it right first time is an integral component of the business goal at De Groot Technical Services. The attached article by General Manager Gavin Hall, published in the December 2016 Rural Business, outlines the approach taken by our consultancy team when working with clients.

To view this article, please click the below link:

Getting it Right First Time, Rural Business December 2016


Special Edition Newsletter - GHS

Time is running out! After the 31 December 2016 all workplace chemicals must be classified to GHS criteria. This edition of Despatches is now available for viewing on our website.

Please click GHS Compliance to be re-directed.



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