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APVMA Detains Unregistered Product


The importance of adherence to the registered particulars and conditions of registration have recently been dramatically demonstrated by actions taken by the APVMA in detaining around 40 tonnes of glyphosate and trifluralin. Under the Agvet Code if products are found not to comply with the APVMA Register (for Chemical Products) then they are deemed not registered. 

Whilst the details of this particular case are not publicly known, it is assumed that the chemical products were not "manufactured in accordance with the formulation details that the APVMA has on record". The APVMA has issued a reminder that chemical products must be manufactured at the site of manufacture that is detailed on the APVMA Register for the product. If the site of manufacture changes then the APVMA must be notified and registration details updated.

The risk is that unregistered product being imported is detained and as happened here the products were returned to the source country at the Australian importer’s expense.

Do your imported products comply?

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