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Fines for Contaminated Hervbicide

The APVMA has fined a national chemical manufacturer / formulator a total of $100,000 for the supply of contaminated herbicides. The herbicides contained additional chemical actives other than those listed in the registered formulation.

An important Reminder!

The holder of a registration has a responsibility to ensure that product is compliant with the registered details lodged with the APVMA. This includes administrative details such as name and address of holder, name and address of formulator / formulation site and product details such as product formulation and product analysis, including presence of any contaminants.

If there has been any change to the registered details that have been lodged with the APVMA, then it is is necessary to to apply to the APVMA to vary the registered particulars providing data as appropriate.

In this particular case the issue arose not because of an intended change to the formulation but rather because of complaints associated with use of the contaminated product.

Dont take risks of product being deemed unregistered (because it doesnt comply with the registered details held by the APVMA) or risk a fine for non compliance.





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