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In the Spring 17 edition of the De Groot Technical Services Newsletter is an article under the heading of 'A Good News Story" relating to the dramatic increase in food production and the impressive trend in improving world health. 

The article describes how agriculture is capable of even further significant contribution to world health – albeit with some challenges that need to be balanced alongside competing needs. There is though, general consensus that an ongoing focus on high-yield agriculture is one of the best ways to improve human health and protect environmental resources via

• No longer relying on agricultural expansion from forests and refuge areas.

• Produce more by increasing outputs from existing agricultural land.

• Appropriate use of pesticides, fertilizers and biotechnology and improving the application and targeting of these technologies.


As an excellent example, the Australian cotton industry is becoming known for world class sustainable production.

Australian cotton yields are over 2.5 times the global average.

The industry has reduced the use of insecticides by over 90% and water efficiency has increased by some 40% over the past 15 years.

Australia is now recognised as producing some of the highest quality cotton globally.

Indeed a good news story!


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