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Neonicotinoids Pose No Risk To Frog Populations And Are Safe To Use As Directed

Concerns have been raised with regard to the regulatory process for assessing the safe use of neonicotinoids in Australia with particular reference to frogs.

The APVMA have concluded that all neonicotinoid products currently registered in Australia are safe to use as per the label instructions.  All products registered in Australia have been subject to a robust risk assessment which includes aquatic environments.

There is currently no information or data to indicate that frog populations are declining nor is there any new information regarding an affect by neonicotinoids on the conservation and wellbeing of frog populations.

For further information visit the APVMA website.



The APVMA Conducts Checks on Product Labels

As part of the APVMA’s compliance monitoring for agricultural and veterinary chemicals, labels of products containing carbendazim, dichlorvos, diuron, carbaryl, dimethoate and haloxyfop have been checked over the past year.

An estimated 200 products have been checked with issues identifying incorrect pack sizes, errors in label layout, missing date of manufacture, and incorrect particulars.

Label monitoring for permethrin spot-on products for dogs have commenced. Following the second half of 2016, the APVMA will begin monitoring label for sheep ectoparasiticides and fenamiphos products where changes to labels are required following the chemical review.


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